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About A+I Design

    A + I design is a young, Mumbai based architecture practice, established in 2002 by Abbas Vohra. We are architects and designers whose work covers a range of building types including residential projects, retail shops, office buildings and other structures.

    Rational, responsible & sustainable is the core approach of a + i design. We inspire each project regardless of size with the same enthusiasm and philosophy, to provide clients with value for money and create the best possible contemporary architecture. Minimalistic is our prime aesthetic and functional objective.

    We explore how to achieve more with less, how to optimize visual and technical lightness, how to minimize our use of materials, and how to make buildings ‘touch the earth lightly’.

    We seek to build delicate frameworks that house spaces for imagination and interpretation, filled with light, places which inspire, where volume and nature can be viewed, where people can live, work, and communicate. Our clients include private individuals, institutions, and companies, commercial and residential developers.

Who is behind A+I Design

Abbas Vohra


Ar. Moiz Najmi

Director - Kenya Office